High speed internet & smart technology solutions.

We are making access to high-speed internet and smart tech affordable and available to everyone.

For home users

Local support, and local engineering that won't let you down.

For multi-dwelling units

Retrofitting to smart tech is easier than you think.

For marinas & boaters

Who says older apartments can't have gigabit internet?

Advanced technology made for the demands of today and tomorrow

Given the speed with which technology evolves, you need to stay one step ahead of demand. Working with Lokket means lifetime upgrades are included. ​

Everything you want in one beautifully integrated platform

Always on U.S & Australian support teams

Professional support staff that follows the sun, so someone is always there to take your call or answer that email. Our Australian team is even in the future. Our people have the autonomy to make decisions—no need to wait for escalation. We trust our people. 

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Driving technology for leading brands

"My team has really appreciated how easily we have been able to transition into a smart building everyone loves."

Brett Nolan
Georgina Apartments


We're working on reducing our impact

Smart technology

100% renewable energy

We're aiming to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025. So we're investing in solar and wind solutions and purchasing green energy.

E-waste recycling

We aim to achieve a 50% reduction in absolute emissions by 2030. We also work with vendors to make more energy-efficient products, such as WiFi routers.

Serious cost savings

We're tackling e-waste head-on and committed to recycling material packaging. We're also asking customers to opt-in for refurbished products such as WiFi routers.

Let's see what we can do together.

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